The Fall Members’ Photography Show is on view through the month of October at the St. Michaels Library.

Photographer David Harp served as judge and awarded five ribbons.


Dave Harp, Photographer and Judge

George Sass, ‘Whispering Woods’

Ned Egan, ‘Day’s Done’

Sharon Thorpe, ‘Smith Island Pelicans’

George Sass, ‘Good Bones’




Ken Rose, ‘Alone’




























First Place – George Sass ‘Whispering Woods’
Second Place – Ned Egan ‘Day’s Done’
Third Place – Sharon Thorpe ‘Smith Island Pelicans’
Honorable Mention –  George Sass ‘Good Bones’
Honorable Mention –  Ken Rose ‘Alone’

David Harp will join SMAL at an upcoming meeting to discuss the show and his thoughts on winners.


Come see the entire show through October. Congratulations to all!