Susan Stockman works as an artist, educator, and facilitator, combining her love of people, art, and the environment. She teaches classes and facilitates retreats focusing on creating environments that encourage deep listening. The container formed allows participants to access inner guidance, self awareness, and their own creative expression.

Susan’s work can be seen in private and public collections throughout the country. She has received dozens of grants to bring large-scale community-made artwork in libraries, schools, community centers, and churches. The practice of making art is a powerful ally to find emotional balance in her own life; this tool is shared with students of all ages, ranging from retired professionals to victims of trauma. Susan has started a pilot program working with sexually abused teens, combining art and Earth-based practices to help young women and men. In addition to making art, Susan loves to be outside in nature or near the water. The desire to find ways to live in harmony with nature in a spirit of reciprocity guides her life and her work.

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