Join us in-person on Monday, May 16 at 9:30 am for our May members’ (in-person only this month) meeting and a special presentation by photographer and watercolor artist Marc Castelli. Marc will present his photographs representing “A Year on the Water”, which document the working life of watermen on the eastern shore. Marc uses his photos as reference for his colorful and details watercolor paintings.

Castelli grew up in a military family enriched by travel and living in many places. While none of them seem connected to his present fascination with water and boats, his parents did pass down to him their love of history and cultures. This reflects his consuming need to talk to those who work on the water and photograph, sketch, draw, and paint them and their boats. These include watermen, lobstermen, their workboats, America’s Cup racers and their yachts, and the extended families that race their log canoes of the Chesapeake Bay’s Eastern Shore.

Learn more about Marc Castelli here.