Explanation of Scholars Grant Fund

This fund has been established for the use of SMAL members to enable all to participate in SMAL sponsored events. Whereas, the monies in this fund are limited, the SMAL Board encourages artists to apply for grants rather than deny themselves opportunities for growth in artistic pursuits. A committee appointed by the Board will manage this fund.


Based on need as determined by artist and reiterated in the application. All information will be kept confidential and reviewed only by the committee.

Criteria for using funds:

  1. Member in good standing
  2. Grant would be 50% – not to exceed $200 for any one course/program sponsored by SMAL (i.e. banner, bus trip, workshop, class, etc.)
  3. Artists may receive only one grant during any 12-month period.

Grant Guidelines: (note timing of application – committee will require a period of time to meet and process application before registration deadline)

  1. Member would submit a written request (application) answering these questions:
  • What is the program for which asking for funds?
  • Cost of program?
  • Please explain your interest in this event/program/course.

Grant Process:

  1. Submit application to committee. PO Box 1215, St Michaels, MD 21663
  2. Committee reviews application.
  3. If application approved, Treasurer sends funds to applicant. Applicant mails full amount with registration form.
  4. If application denied, applicant is notified and reason is noted.