Submitted by Walter Urbanek

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Streamline Art Videos- “Artist of the Day” series, including videos featuring such artists as:  Nancy Tankersley, Suzie Baker, Thomas Schaller, Charlie Hunter, Christine Lashley, Lori Putnam and many others.  These are hosted by Eric Rhoads of Plein Air Magazine and are shortened one-hour versions of their full offerings.

Oil Painting with Zufar Bikbov- This artist has been a frequent Plein Air Easton participant.  His many videos are entertaining and highly informative.  Several SMAL members attended Zufar’s workshop at Tilghman as part of this year’s PAE.  He also hosts the website “”.

In the Studio Art Instruction– A “Quick Tip” series hosted by Diane Mise.  These are short topic specific instruction videos which feature hundreds of  practical tips such as:  Avoid Over -stroking, Good Color Harmony, Painting Clouds, Notan- How and Why, What About Liquin, and many, many others.

The Forger’s Masterclass– A highly entertaining British mass media type series on how to paint like Van Gogh, Monet, Hopper, Sargent, and others by John Myatt, a reformed convicted art forger.  Mix a cocktail and enjoy!