2023 Juried Show Schedule:

April: Original Banner Art for 2023

May: High School Exhibition, “Excellence in Student Art” 

June: SMAL Members’ Annual

July: Pastels

August: Photography

September: “Mixed Media Adventures”

November: “Capturing Autumn”

More shows are in the works including  Mixed Media, Watercolor (Martha Hudson). September will bring our super Labor Day Show and Sale.

(Please note: in order to participate in the shows all Dues must be current. 2023 is due now)


Coming in July 2023 – A Pastel Art Show

During the month of July, SMAL artists are pleased to exhibit pastel paintings at the Talbot County Free Library St. Michaels branch.

What are pastels:
Pastels are pure powdered pigment (color), mixed with a binder and compressed into various forms (sticks, pans, other shapes). Paints are pigments mixed with binders such as oil (to make oil paint), water (to make watercolor paint) or a binder and a solvent (acrylic paints).

Why do we love pastels?
The painting process is quick!
The painting process is dry (some of us do an underpainting which must dry before we apply pastels)!
Pastel colors are bright and vivid! They are not subdued tints and they are not all mixed with white—some are very dark as you will see in our paintings.

Some paintings are for sale; please contact the artists directly for details.