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George Hamilton

Art on the Bay

a cooperative program of the

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

and the

St Michaels Art League



Art on the Bay is a cooperative program of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum (CBMM) and SMAL to:

  • enhance the experience of visitors to the museum by having artists painting plein air on the museum campus each Saturday during the prime months of May through October.
  • sell original CBMM, nautical and Eastern Shore oriented art in the museum Gift Shop
  • expand opportunities for the Art League members to show and sell their work
  • and potentially to use original images for other merchandise sold at the CBMM Gift Shop.

Art on the Bay has several distinct segments.

Monthly Plein Air Painters

Each month volunteer artists from the Art League will paint plein air on each Saturday from May through October. The three or more artists who sign up for a month will coordinate among themselves to assure at least one artist is painting plein air on each Saturday during the month, and if possible two or more artists. Walter Urbanek has the sign-up list.

  • Hours – The museum opens at 10 am, and it is best if artists can be working on their art in the window from 10am to 3 pm. Artists may arrive earlier to catch the early morning light if desired. The gate between the main entrance and the gift shop is unlocked. Of course, they may work later if desired including night times.
  • Sales – The plein air artists may sell the piece being worked on and may also bring several completed pieces to set by their easel and offer for sale. Paintings brought for sale shall have a tag showing the artist’s name, title, medium and sales price. Sales will be handled by the museum Gift Shop including credit card charges and collection and payment of sales tax. The artist may give the tag to the purchaser to go to the Gift Shop to effect the purchase or accompany the buyer there with the work.
  • Commissions – The art sales will be subject to a 20% commission which will be split between CBMM and SMAL. The gift shop will send a reconciliation of sales monthly and a check less their 10% commission, to SMAL at PO Box 1215, St Michaels, MD 21663. SMAL will in turn send payment to each artist with sales that month. The artists do not need to report sales tax on the sales as it is being done by CBMM.
  • Painting List – Artists who bring several paintings for sale must provide a list of the painting to the Gift Shop, on the Saturday that they are working, with the information on the tags. There are no size or framing standards for art brought by the artist other than that the subject material should be appropriate for the bay or Eastern Shore.


Original Art in the Gift Shop

The CBMM Gift Shop will offer 8 original pieces for sale each month starting on June 1, 2021.

  • Artists – Each artist who is scheduled to paint plein air that month may submit a piece for show and sale in the Gift Shop. That will provide 3-4 of the 8 pieces. In addition, artists names will be drawn randomly form those who provided art for the program slide show. Beth Wright will inform those whose names were drawn for the month.
  • Standards
    • Framing – All art will be appropriately framed with hanging wire (no saw-toothed hangers). Art using extra deep stretched canvas may be unframed if the sides are fully wrapped and painted.
    • Label – A tag must be attached with the artist’s name, title of the painting, medium and sales price.
    • Original – All art for sale must be the original work of the artist. No prints or giclees.
    • Size – Art provided for sale in the Gift Shop may be no larger than 36” in any dimension including the frame.
  • Bio – Each selected artist must send a short art biography (max of 150 words and using Microsoft Word) to Beth Wright prior to the start of the month. Beth will provide the bios to the museum for posting along with the art on display that month.
  • Commissions – As with the art sold by plein air painters, sales will be subject to a 20% commission split between CBMM and SMAL. The Gift Shop will handle all sales including collecting and paying the sales tax, and will send 90% of the art price to SMAL which will pay the artist’s share.
  • Drop-off/Pick-up – Drop off art for sale in the Gift Shop on the first day of each month between 10am and noon. Pick-up any unsold pieces on the last day of the month between noon and 4pm.


Plein Air Kick-off – Saturday, MAy 29th    10:00-3:00

Art on the Bay will kick-off with multiple artists painting plein air at the museum on Saturday, May 29th. There are currently six artists signed up but all others are welcome to join the painting or just come and support the launching of this program. As with the monthly plein air painters, artists may bring several completed paintings to show and sell next to their easels. These should be labeled as described above and sales will be handled in the same manner through the Gift Shop.



The Gift Shop may desire to merchandise some of the original art offered in the Gift Shop, printing images on such items as coffee mugs, shirts or similar items. The Gift Shop will buy any art that they desire to merchandise for 80% of the price as with other sales. SMAL will take no commissions on items bought by the Gift Shop for resale or merchandising. By selling a painting to the CBMM Gift Shop the artist recognizes the CBMM’s right to use the image in prints or on other merchandise as they desire.


Please address any questions to:

Beth Wright ( or

George Hamilton (