The Art Academy in Easton has asked SMAL and Working Artists Forum to participate with them in an event called “Art, Letters and Song” to be held at the Academy on May 16th at 6 pm. The Academy will put up two paintings, and is requesting one each from SMAL and WAF. The artwork is then shared with writers and musicians who will create or perform works inspired by the work at the event.

Time is of the essence as the finished piece must be delivered to the Academy on March 15. To select the work to represent SMAL, interested artists must submit a digital image to Beth Wright: by March 5th. Following receipt of all images the board will vote to select the winner. The requirements for this piece are as follows:

1.Theme: Chesapeake Summer

2. Must be at least 16 x 20

3. Work must be original piece not shown before

The Academy has selected Brad Ross who is submitting a painting of “children jumping off a bridge into water” and Cheryl Southwick who is doing an abstract “fish are jumpin'”. (Noted as we don’t want the same theme repeated).

This promises to be a wonderful event and an opportunity for the three art organizations to showcase their unique contributions to the community!