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Creative Xpressions, 204 South Talbot Street, St. Michaels, MD 

(next to Pemberton Pharmacy)


Deer? No…Willow, Dog!
by Deborah Colborn

On the Prowl
by Deborah McFarlin

Bugeye at Sunset
by Carol McClees

Strolling Down Talbot St.
by Beth Wright

The Bridge
by Ashleigh Wojcik

Best Friends
by Anne Allbeury-Hock

Hooper Straight Lighthouse 1879
by Abby Ober

Summer Memories
by Arlene Zachmann

by Diana Dardis

Close Hauled
by Dorie McGuiness

Sunset Cruise on the Miles
by George Sass

The Royal Oak Reach
by Hannah White

Pull Him Up!
by Jan Perdue

Creek Song
by Jane Anderson

Tis the Season
by Janet Prieger

A Fish Story
by Jo Merrill

Crow Brothers II
by Joan Cranor

Summer Harvest
by Joan McGarry

by Joe Fasolo

On the Creek
by Judy Weaver

Coming Home
by Kathie Rogers

Rio Vista Blue
by Kathleen Rosenberger

by Kathy Kopec

Bay Hundred
by Kevin Snelling

Bay’s Bounty
by Kritin Lednum

The Patriot
by Marianne Kost

Red Fox
by Marge Ristvey

Marshland Life
by Martin Zell

A Good Catch
by Naomi Clark Turner

En Plein Air
by Pat Hanlon

Hope Grows
by Rhonda Ford

Heart and Soul
by Sherry Smith

Cottage Creek
by Stacey Sass

by Valerie Sunderland

Classic Motor Museum
by Virginia Perram

Heave Ho
by Walter Urbanek